Andrew Greenwood | Senior Software Engineer

25th October 2013


I am a senior software engineer based in the north east of England. I have 8 years experience working for a large corporate telecoms company in an Agile team and a further 12 years working for the same company within different roles. I have the ability to communicate at all levels internally and externally. I enjoy a challenge and broadening my current programming/development knowledge by trying new techniques, technologies and adapting to the different ways in which teams and individuals work.

In my free time, I enjoy working on my own small scale software projects, playing 5-a-side, supporting Darlington FC, gardening, playing with music production software and lazy sundays watching movies with my wife.


PHP 5 Symfony 2 Zend Cake OOP MYSQL Ubuntu JavaScript JQuery Mootools XML JSON REST Agile Git HTML CSS 3 Cordova Ionic AngularJS Slim Docker


Software Analyst - EE / Everything Everywhere (3 Years)

Working within a team software engineers following Agile methodologies. Writing and adding to existing software applications for internal customers to either:

  • a) Help reduce the amount of incoming calls extending current interactive SMS solution.
  • b) Consolidating current available applications within our own application framework.
  • c) Updating/re-creating older outdated applications.
  • d) Creating brand new solutions to provide frontline staff and retail stores with the tools they need to do their job.
  • e) Using existing resources/services to create all above.

Almost all of the skills I currently have, have been aquired within this role (apart from basic html, php and mysql).

Reporting Analyst - Everything Everywhere / Orange (2 Years)

Witin this small team, I produced insurance based reports for senior management with SAP reporting software and Microsft Access. Created applications with Microsoft Access for front line call centre staff enabling the collection of individual statistics such as work completed remaining work to be processed. importing, exporting and merging data sources to produce data structures that can be used by external sources

Call Centre Operator - Orange (10 Years)

Working within various teams: Commercial Support, Finance, Equipment Replacement and 14 Day Money Back. Providing support to management taking escalated calls within Commercial Support role.

Complete Projects

This is a project I had successfully completed for a family friend who was a journalist for the Journal and wanted to create her own online magazine style/type blog. Unfortunaltely, at the time of writing this, she hasn't yet had time to add any content due to current work and responsibilities

Preen Magazine

Ongoing Projects

Elephpant Framework

I have created my own php mvc framework which I have also used with The framework is fully configurable to use CSS/HTML frameworks for layouts, has the ability to create additional secure api services and has a number of built in tools to help rapidly building applications

I'm always adding new functional classes to it and to be honest, this could be a work in progress for the long term.

Current Projects

5-a-side game arranger sms service

I have started working on a text message based solution for arranging 5-a-side football games. The application will perform a multitude of functions based on incoming messages and will provide outgoing messages to 'players' and 'admins'.

The idea is that 'admin' users can start the process of arranging a game with a certain keyword into the application and then the application will do the rest asking for players to confirm if they are available for the next game and working down a list of potential players until the full quota of players has been reached.